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Whatever Compassion there is, it needs someone willing to transmit it ! 

Sintra ComPaixão 2020 seeks to promote the training of a new generation through the 3 following ways:



The ADN InFusion Program seeks to awaken a new Vision in all of those who want to know and identify themselves with the Passion and Compassion model of Christ.


Target Audience:

All people from the local churches as well as all of the volunteers of the community who wish to understand what it is to have a ComPassion Heart



1º Step: ComPassion Day

   > a day spent living in community

2º Step: CommUnity Day

   > a day spent serving the community


External formats: Conferences, Workshops, Seminars, Lectures...





The ADN InCubation Program is developed in a "CommUnity & ComPassion" environment catalyst of

ComPassion ideas. This way, it seeks to not only promote a true "ComPassion Life" experience according to the model written in the book of Acts 2:42-47 (through the study of the Message, the Communion, the Breaking of the Bread, through Prayer), but also to 

create conditions for the birth of ideas that will promote the transformation of households and the community. To create in each home, a compassionate family!


Target Audience:

All people who feel in their hearts the wish to have a ComPassion Life experience so that they can apply in their family, in their home and in their local community.



1º Step: ComPassion CommUnity

   > two weeks living in internal regimen (Summer)

2º Step: ComPassion Home

   > one weekend a month for a year in their own home and community.

The ADN InStruction is a program that seeks to allow every individual already involved with, or intending to involve themselves with the development of a "ComPassion Life Purpose" to dive into the Revelation, Interpretation and Appliance of the foundations in the development of any local community.



Target Audience:

People who have gone through the ADN InFusion and ADN InCubation Programs and wish to develop a ComPassion Life Purpose more deeply and consistently. 



Off-campus study developed in three-month modules, each resorting to readings, weekly paper deliveries, permanent mentoring through monthly meetings with leaders recognized for their personal and ministry life testimonies.

The three modules are arranged as follows: the first one, theoretical, the second to conceive a project, and the third one, project implementation.


The ComPassion Institute is an Incubator of Ideas to serve the community with passion and compassion. It works as an Innovative Training Platform working in partnership with an increasing range of national and international teaching institutions aiming to develop and supply training contents to all people and organizations (IPSS, churches, NGO's and diversed associations) wishing to know, experience and develop a life (or organizational) purpose grounded on a ComPassion Vision. The ComPassion Institute observes and practices, in a contextualized way, all fundamental values of YWAM / University of the Nations making it part of the family of its ministries spread around the world.

Seminars in ADN InFusion :


  • Love of God for the poor.

  • Evangelism or social aid ?

  • To know our own church (Passion or Compassion?)

  • Called to be a believer or a disciple?

  • Called to be a Leader or a Servant ?

  • To know our community (Diagnose or Vision?)

  • Who are the poor ?

  • Need for Salvation or for Transformation?

  • Reconciliation of the Church with its community

  • 10 Changes of paradigm in a vision of Kingdom

  • Implant loving churches or communities?

  • 99 Ideas to serve the community

  • ComPassion God


  • Team of employees or servants?

  • Social service technicians or pastors?

  • How to make employees and volunteers into ComPassion servants?

  • State Financing or God's provision?

  • Evangelize or aid?

  • Employees or Volunteers?

  • Role or Vision?

  • Passion or Compassion?

  • Do for Ceasar or for God?

  • Reason or Heart?

  • How to relate to the church?

  • Rights / Duties or Calling?

  • Social Solidarity or Compassion?

Current partners:

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