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How it all began...


It was in response to and urgent warning signal cast by Sintra's Town Council between 2010 and 2011, that a gathering of leaders from organizations that have been acting in our county for many years - YWAM, Ser Alternativa, Baptist Social Center, Salvation Army and REMAR - decided, in the beginning of 2012, to join forces in favour of the growing number of families in need, in our county. 


In April of the same year a Forum was held and recognized by the city hall’s Mr. Vice-President as “an initiative of recognized interest” while representing the City Hall President, also by Social action councilwoman, by the parish council presidents of the area and representatives of 40 active organizations in the social sector. 




On April 13th of 2013, the 1st Sintra ComPaixão Gala was held, gathering up to 450 people, and among them, professionals and users of many different organizations, also city hall spokesmen and other representatives of the townships from around the area. We all signed the Commitment Statement for a Compassionate County” !


The Sintra ComPaixão 2020 Movement, as its name indicates, is a movement made up of people determined to make Sintra a “Compassionate County”, grounded on a Message, on a Generation and on a Community inspired by the simplest and deepest model of passion and compassion that anyone could ever have left: Christ. Grounding ourselves on a testimony like this, how could we remain indifferent to human suffering? We can’t just say it, We have to live it!


Over the last few years, a growing number of families, faith communities, institutions and companies have been joining initiatives developed within the Movement. Following this growing mobilization, Sintra Compassion Movement has sought to honor and give a greater visibility to young people, companies and projects that have been highlighted by their innovation in their "Compassionate" service.  This way, we will seek to reinforce the commitment assumed by all, each year that goes by.

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