Communities, families and people from our municipality of Sintra suffer for not being able to fulfill:


  • Their basic needs (Nourishment, Hygiene, Health and housing), 

  • Their social needs (marital relationship, relationship with their children, relationship with their families and with community in general)

  • Their spiritual needs (Questioning about their existence, about the meaning of life and consequent fear of the future and lack of hope...)

Every christian is called to serve in each of these areas of need. However, both on a personal and organizational level (churches, IPSS, NGOs, and diverse associations) the expected transformation in the lives of the people, families and communities in which we are inserted is still not verified.



On the one hand, to see all people inspired by the model of Christ:


  • That they would practice sacrificial love by meeting the physical, social and spiritual needs of communities through local resources.

  • That they would interact intentionally from a bliblical worldview, applying in each area of society the written truths found in the Bible. 

  • That they would grow and multiply as a result of their transforming influence on society


On the other hand, to see local communities all over the municipality where:


  • The testimony of Cristo as Lord and Savior is put in the center of our lives (To love God above all things). 

  • There happens a beneficial change in the diverse areas of the community's life (To love your neighbor as yourself). 

  • There is a growing economical provision, social paz, and more justice in favour of the most vulnerable and marginalized people.



Inspired in the testimony of Christ in favour of all the families of the municipality of Sintra, Sintra Compassion fulfills its mission:



Through the promotion of a clear vision of the needs(issues) and the existing answers(solutions) in the Municipality of Sintra aswell as a message of hope while approaching these.



Through the development of more skills in people, churches, organization and in community in general.



Through a more balanced distribution of responses on a geographic level and also referring to the social issues in all parishes of Sintra's Municipality.