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Sintra ComPassion Gala 2014

We will be at the Gala, and you?

Being a Disciple

This is what it really means to be a Disciple.

ComPassion Project 2014 

Sintra ComPassion - Plataform CommUnity

Sintra ComPassion Gala 2014

I will be at the Gala, and you?

Mãos Libertas

Mãos Libertas Project and Sintra Com Passion 2012-Penha Longa Hotel.​​

ComPassion Leader 2014 

Leader for a day at REMAR PORTUGAL


Some highlighted videos!!!
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Some of our activities as well as some videos of interest.

Sintra ComPassion Website

ComPassion Enterprise 2014

Resiquímica, SA

4:14 operation

Mãos Libertas - Auditorium XXI

Sintra ComPassion

Stand Up - Mãos Libertas

Mãos Libertas - YWAM Amsterdam

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