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"With Passion we manufacture and sell. With Passion we invest in our human resources and in our factory and its working conditions. With Passion wee embrace the future and the challenges it brings. In this context of Compassion, we share what we have and what we can. Together we shall always be better."

Marcos Lagoa - Administrator of Resiquímica

"That the Passion for our neighbors would guide us to seek, as a community, the answers we can no longer find on our own. That the compassion for our neighbors would be a way to find ourselves  and create bonds with the ones that surround us. Because we are not alone. We only have to realise that."

Bruno Parreira - Rio de Mouro's Mayor.

"Sometimes it's very good to halt the daily rhythm to take part in these galas where we have the opportunity to reflect and think about the kind of people we would want, love and should be. I loved to hear that we need to confirm our love and let ourselves be loved. There's a great lack of love in the world and Sinta ComPaixão is giving it. Thank you for letting me be a part of it. I feel great peace." 

Jaume Valldaura - Human Resources Director of Resort Penha Longa

"I experienced here today a Compassionate Sintra! Thank You! But also a solidary Sintra, a Sintra that's everyone's and is for everyone! I wish that this may happen again, every day, with Passion." 

Eduardo Quinta Nova - Sintra's Municipality Social Action Alderman

"Sintra is my land, my patrimony and my passion! Sintra has a thousand charms, and awakens our greatest passions!"

Carlos Silva - Board President of "A Creche Sempre em Flor" Association

"To live With (Com)Passion, live with Jesus among men, to serve men, With Passion!"Viver ComPaixão, Viver Com Jesus entre os Homens, Para servir os Homens, Com Paixão !"

Rui Lopes - CommUnity Platform

"Let us not rest while there is a soul to LOVE!"

Mario Santos - Christian Community in Algueirão

"My sincere wishes that God may keep blessing this ministry and that more people can be filled with God's love through your gestures of compassion."

Héber Marques - Vocalist of HMB 

"I pray that God may continue giving you Vision and Love! Thank you for you love, time, dedication and passion for the people who need it! I pray that Sintra will be known for the Love, Peace, for the Joy, as a county where God, Christ, is the foundation. God bless you!"

Marta Ornelas - King's Kids Portugal (YWAM)

"Let's seek to BE PRESENT around the people that surround us at home, in the neighborhood, at work, school or out on the street. Let's seek to UNDERSTAND THE ENVIRONMENT and be sensitive to the needs, to the many hungers the exist in people. Let's seek to BE AGENTS who let God work in and through to show COMPASSION."

Mark Mekelburg - Professional Clown and Co-founder of Red Nose Operation(Operação Nariz Vermelho)

"Living life "with (Com)Passion"("Com" "Paixão") can't be done without involving the greatest number of people and communities. The work initated with CommUnity Platform has joined us on a path. May God grant us to know to be good builders in the Sintra ComPaixão project."  

Nuno Santos - Board President of Diakonia Association

"Only with Passion can we grow, strengthen and create affections! Only with Passion will we have a more solidary and harmonious county!"

Valter Antunes Januário - Algueirão - Mem Martins's Mayor

"ComPassion, Proximity, To Walk with, To Have the master who walked this earth with us becomes an inspiring and fantastic model for our real life. That possibility is the challenge capable of "winging" our existence with great Passion!"

Luis Parente Martins - Cardiologist

"It was a pleasure and a privilege to be a part of this event - an appeal and an inspiration to the service dedicated to the community, towards many different strands and needs! Greetings! 

Bertina Coias Tomé - Psychologist Diretor of Mulher Criativa Magazine
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